Current Version

Version Highlights

Released on 6 May 2022

Modern User Interface

We’ve upgraded the whole HR Manage experience for the power users with a more neutral, modern look and feel.  Icons have been redesigned and font usage improved to make HR Manage easier to use than ever.  The background contrast has also been lowered for less strain on the eyes.  We’ll continue to make improvements in subsequent versions.

Further, we’ve also created standard dashboards for modules like the Workflow and Performance Management.

Skills Profiles

We’ve brought back the Skills Profiles / CVs from the previous version. The new Skills Profile have more types of areas that can be defined to build the structure of skills profiles and CVs.

Internal Surveys & 360 Reviews

Our Forms & Workflows module has been extended to support employee surveys which can also be adapted for performing 360 reviews.  Survey results are produced in a highly configurable and visual report layout.

HR Compliance

Allow for capturing custom defined fields for each compliance requirement via the web interface (during a workflow).

Improvements & Fixes

For full details about this version, please see the release notes.