The Complete HR Software Solution

HR Manage is an all-inclusive Human Resource Management Software Solution with rich functionality that can be customised to meet client requirements. It is modular based and any module (or combination of modules) can be deployed. The modules represent the full life-cycle of people at work.

Employee & Contractor Management Software

Comprehensive biographic information can be captured / imported for the employees, contractors and external trainees.  The module is deeply integrated with all other modules in the HR system.  Some of the functionality includes:

Staff movement & Terminations (with Occupational History)
Requirements & Compliance Tracking
Disciplinary & Grievance Register
Automatic Organisational Chart Generation


Workflow Management Software

Build custom workflows and forms for business processes such as employee on-boarding or staff movement.  With various flexible types of activities like sign offs, forms, tasklists and many more, this system is one of the most flexible no-code workflow solutions available on the market.  Some sample processes include:

Onboarding, Transfers and Termination of employees
Change in Conditions of Employment
Change Request on Medical Aid Benefits
Request Assistance (Employee Assistance Programme)
Incident Reporting
Anything else that you want to use a workflow for

Training / Learner Management Software

Comprehensive Training Administration software that can schedule and keep track of learners, their progress,  associated costs and handle renewal of training due to expire.  Managers can keep track of their sub-ordinates or request training for them through the online portal.  Caters for all aspects related to organisational training and is powerful enough to be used even by training colleges.  Here are some of the features included:

Manage learners through training events
Track Bursaries & Study Loans, their costs and repayments and link it to training
Design and Print certificates directly from the system
Integrate with e-Learning systems
Detailed Training Needs Analysis based on Skills Profiles
Generate SETA Reports

Version 6.2 available now

View our Current Version summary page to see what has changed and what new features have been added.

Where we’re going

HR Manage is continuously in development with new features and improvements being released several times per year.  See our roadmap for more information.

What we do

HR Software Solutions

A complete end-to-end HR System with all the tools practitioners will ever need.


Comprehensive project management service delivered by subject matter experts.

Training & Development

Optimising the value for our clients  through change management and user training.

Maintenance & Support

Provide ongoing support through dedicated Key Account Managers and a passionate Support Team.

Our Complete HR Software Solution

HR Manage is a complete Human Resource Software solution with modules that cover all the possible HR needs and more, bringing together power, flexibility and ease-of-use.  Some of our modules and functionality include:


  • Personnel Management
  • Workflows & Incident Reporting
  • Performance Reviews
  • Job Profiling
  • Training Planning and Administration
  • Leave / Time-Off Management
  • Integration with Payroll & 3rd party systems
  • Online Self Service

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Who we are

People Resolutions consist of a team of passionate people where HR meets IT.  We want to create a world where our clients do exceptionally well, where the human resource element is fully appreciated, and the purpose of the HR Department is re-discovered.


  • Over 20 years of experience in development of HR Software
  • Certified Microsoft Application Development Partner
  • Software code based on latest technology
  • IP based on continues improvement over the past 20 years
  • Client base across multiple sectors of the economy in multiple countries