HR Software Overview

HR Manage is an all-inclusive Human Resource Management Software Solution with rich functionality that can be customised to meet client requirements. It is modular based and any module (or combination of modules) can be deployed. The modules represent the full life-cycle of people at work.
Any size business can benefit from the system. Integration can be done with 3rd party systems like Payroll, e-Learning, Access Control, SharePoint and many more. All the modules are fully integrated so that work done in one module will automatically update core data in other modules. With HR Manage all the functions in a modern HR department are hosted on a single platform.
HR Manage unlocks the strategic functions of a HR department by helping to analyse trends, align to with industry best practices, standardise processes, measure performance, and comply with various industry standards i.e. ISO and labour legislation. With clients such as Fidelity Security Group, The SPAR Group Ltd, RCL Foods and many more, HR Manage reflects the best practices of leading corporations in both the private and public sectors. HR Manage provides the backbone to transform a company’s HR from a merely compliance driven function to a core business asset.

Powerful User Interface

HR Manage boasts a uniquely powerful user interface that is easy to use with a lot of shortcuts to get quick results. The look-and-feel for the different modules are standard with features such as a very advanced Filter Engine, customisable column layout for listed records which can export to Excel with the press of a button.


HR Manage has its own user accounts management (that can link with Active Directory) which means that the program administrator can set up access for other users in HR Manage without having to log a call with their IT department. The program is very secure and access can be set up for specific features within the various modules as well as access to employees within specific locations.

Email Notifications

Emails can be generated and sent when certain events occur. The people who will receive the notifications and the content / text of the email to be sent can all be customised with the use of smart-tags. Some notifications are sent automatically (e.g. applying for leave) while others are manual (e.g. Send email to person to attend training).


Our HR Software is a generic system with a lot of customisation options including system behaviour, fields, dashboards, themes, reporting, rules and more. The software can be extended even further with the support of custom developed plugins.  For more information, see our Customisation page by simply clicking here.

Online Self-Service

A customisable web application is provided for employees that is used for performance reviews, leave, workflows, change requests and other HR related functions. The logo and colours of the web can be customised to match the company colours.  For more information, see our Employee Self Service page by simply clicking here.

3rd Party Integration

With various standard integration features in place and the option to develop functionality for our HR Solution to integrate with almost any 3rd party system like eLearning, Access Control, Time & Attendance and even custom developed systems.  For more information, see our Payroll & External System Integration page by simply clicking here.

HR Manage Modules

These are the main modules that make up the integrated HR Manage software solution.  All modules contain smaller sub-modules and more information about them can be found by clicking the View Module button for the section.

People Management

Comprehensive biographic information can be captured / imported for the employees, contractors and external trainees.  Some of the features and sub-modules of the Employee Management module include:

  • Staff movement & Terminations
  • Occupational History
  • Requirements & Compliance Tracking
  • Disciplinary & Grievance Register
  • Organisational Chart


Workflow Management

Build custom workflows and forms for business processes such as employee on-boarding or staff movement.  With various flexible types of activities (and more being added regularly), the system is as flexible as it gets.  Some of the activity types are:

  • Sign Off – Approve / Reject an activity
  • Form – Design a form with your own questions
  • Decision – Evaluate information captured in the workflow and move to different activity based on the data.
  • Load Requirements – Load compliance requirements for an employee
  • Generate Document – Generate a document containing information captured during the workflow
  • Import from Workflow – Collect all the data captured in the workflow and create or update an employee with the captured information.
  • Custom Plugin Activities – New custom activities can be developed per client that perform specific operations (i.e. send / receive data to external system)

Training Administration

Schedule, track and manage training within your company. Training data can automatically be used for generating SETA and EE reports.  Powerful enough to be used by training providers with hundreds of thousands of records.  Some of the features and modules included are:

  • Bursary & Study Loan Management
  • Cost Tracking
  • Certification module (design and print certificates directly from HR Manage)
  • Reporting (i.e. SETA) & Exporting (i.e. to Access Control systems)

Performance Management

Conduct reviews online based on generic or customised job profiles. Review processes can be configured to include multiple reviews, 360 degree appraisals with various control options and then scheduled as part of a workflow process.  We’ve recently also added a Consistency Review feature for reviewing and adjusting reviews in a batch.

Electronic Job Profiling

Build a library of job profiles that can be linked to employees and used in Performance and Competence Reviews. Employees are automatically assigned to the correct OFO Code based on their assigned job title.  Skills Profiles can be designed and employees can build CVs based on those templates.  We also allow for setting up job profiles in batches using our Job Profiling Matrix.


Leave Administration

Comprehensive leave management with online applications and approvals, reporting and custom workflows for each leave type.  The system allows for complex leave rules to be configured in the system as well as advanced accrual rules.

Payroll & 3rd Party Integrations

HR Manage can integrate with virtually any payroll, either via importing exported files from the payroll or via direct importing from the payroll’s data source.  We’ve even created solutions for syncing local payroll data with HR Manage hosted in the cloud.

You control what information must be imported into HR Manage and how often.  We’ve even had solutions where plugin workflow activities can send data to external systems. 

Reporting & Exporting

With our Internal Reporting Platform, power users can design their own reports for any module using a powerful WYSIWYG designer (similar to Access and SQL Reports).

Generate standard complex reports like the Employment Equity, SETA & BBBEE reports or build custom reports using one of the built-in report designers.  Almost all data can be exported to Excel with the click of a button and we can create plugins for handling custom specialised reporting requirements.


Incident Reporting

Our Incident Reporting System is an extension of our Business Process Workflow platform with some specialised features.  The workflow process to follow is determined by the selected type (and/or sub-type) of incident which also allows for a custom form to be completed during the reporting phase.  All the functionality and activity types that are detailed in the Workflow module can be used in Incident Reporting.


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