Customisation and Further Development

Client Customisation

HR Manage is a generic human resource system that can be customised to meet the client’s needs. The system is extremely customisable and most fundamental changes can be done by the program administrator. In addition to current functionality, we are also willing to develop new functionality based on client requests which can either form part of new HR Manage versions or if the request is very custom, we can develop it as a plugin for HR Manage.

Here are some of the aspects that can be customised:

Naming Conventions

HR Manage allows the renaming of certain entities throughout the program. The term “Branches” and “Departments” for instance, can be renamed to “District” and “Division”. The flexible naming conventions extends to the Training and Job Profiling modules where custom types of training (Course, Qualifications, etc.) and items in Job Profiles (Key Performance Area, Output, KPI, etc.) can be defined.

Filters and Table Layouts

The Filter Engine and Table Column Layout can be customised for every module in HR Manage. Any unused fields can be removed and commonly used fields can be moved closer to the front.

Custom Fields

Administrators can define new non-standard fields themselves for records in HR Manage. Fields can be either free text or a dropdown and all possible values for the dropdown can be defined. This feature is currently only available for the Employees module but is planned for being rolled out for other modules as well.

Web Theme

The theme for HR Manage Online can be designed using our Theme Studio which means that the client can choose any of the standard themes available in the gallery for their user interface or design their own complete them from scratch (or using an existing theme as base).

Email Notifications

Email notifications are available throughout HR Manage. Individual email notifications can be turned on or off, the Subject line and Message Content can be completely changed using a visual editor. Values can be inserted into the message and subject line by the use of smart-tags.

Report Designer

HR Manage comes with an Internal Reporting Platform that enables users to design their own reports for any module, directly from HR Manage. Reports can be printed directly or saved as PDF files.

Custom Development

When we receive a development request from a client, the requirement is analysed in terms of the overall HR Manage system. If the feature is something that is generic enough and part of our roadmap, it is scheduled for development and included as part of HR Manage in a future release. HR Manage is based on the collective knowledge and best practices of market leading companies throughout South Africa.

For requests that are rejected for inclusion in the standard HR Manage package due to the request being too custom, we can develop it as an External Plugin. External plugins are seamlessly integrated into HR Manage and acts as-if was part of the standard functionality. The plugin uses the same core functionality, communication with server and security as HR Manage. Thus the user must first log into HR Manage in order to access the functionality for the plugin. Security can tailored for the plugin and managed via the Security Management area to ensure that only the authorised users can access the plugin.

We’ve developed plugins of all kinds from something as simply generating a custom management report for the selected Employee in HR Manage to a whole module for capturing overtime details for sub-ordinates.