Incident Reporting System


The Incident Reporting Module is an extension of the Workflow & Forms module with some specialised features. Incident Types and sub-types can be defined and a workflow will be generated based on the combination of Incident Type and the Location selected.

Workflows can be designed through the Windows application in a Visio-style designer like with the workflow designer and security can be defined for every type, sub-type and location (Who can view and who can create).

While this module used the Workflow module as base, it contains some additional fields and settings built-in that relates to incidents, costs, etc.

Summary of Features


Security can be specified for every Incident Type, Location and combination thereof. This controls which incidents can be reported by which employees and determines who can respond to which activities.


Define subscribers for each incident type, location or combination thereof to determine who must be notified when an incident gets updated.

Task Lists

During an incident workflow, tasks can be created and assigned to individual people. The workflow will only be able to move to the next activity once all the tasks have been completed. Task lists can either be set up initially (from a template) or created during the workflow.


Build standard workflows, specify which fields must be completed, define the flow and activities for each process.

Custom Forms

Forms containing various types of text, images and questions can be built and used either when reporting an incident initially (defined per incident type) or in activities later on in the workflow.


Decisions can be included in the workflow to change the flow of the process based on information captured in an earlier activity.

More Information

Please note that this page is still under construction and more details about the module will be added soon. For now, feel free to contact us for more information: